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How E-commerce and M-commerce can Help Small Business Companies


Small business companies still away from e-commerce and e-business. Many companies thinking e-commerce means only developing websites, offering customers support through Internet and expecting buyers traffic through various Internet Search engines and business to business (b2b) trade exchanges. Mobile commerce or m-commerce is still far away from these companies.

What is e-commerce?

Executing entire business process through electronically means using various online and offline softwares to serve products and services to the customers is popularly known as a e-commerce. Nowdays e-commerce turning into m-commerce means now companies can use mobile devices to run their entire business process to serve products and services to the customers.

Why small business companies behind to adopt e-commerce and m-commerce?

Small business companies using various different different software in various locations to run their business. But they dont have middleware softwares which can connect various softwares. Middleware sofftware is popularly known as a branch automation software or solution.

How middleware software work?

Middleware software simply upload syncronized Data (XML data) on companies own webserver. This XML data can be useful to make various web applications or company can download this data for another locations. This data can be use online perpose also as well as offline softwares also. To use XML data both the perpose companies need to make Data Syncronization tool which can convert XML to Database as well as Database to XML data format.

How Middleware can help m-commerce?

Companies can upload syncronized data on their own webserver and make xhtml web applications which can be accessed through mobile or PDA devices.

Path to success for Small business companies

1. Connect your all software through Middleware software.

2. Deveop Data Syncronization module which can help you to convert your database into XML format Database and again XML to your Database format.

3. Develop web based reports using XML Database into XHTML.

4. Access your reports through Internet web applications as well as mobile PDA devices.

5. You can download XML data from various locations and use into offline software through Data Syncronization.

6. You can do data entry throug offline softwares as well as web applications and through mobile devices also.